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Moartz 25th Anniversary

Moartz celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2024.

History Snapshot

Moartz Inc. was formed in 1999 by like-minded artists wanting to form a group to “be the catalyst for all manner of arts-related activity in the community”.

Over two and a half decades, it has evolved into an organisation with an enviable reputation of arts excellence, stand out hospitality, giving “newcomers” a go, a vast team of dedicated volunteers and an organisation that contributes to its community.

The Moartz name was derived from “Moe Arts”. It began exclusively as a “vehicle” to promote and inspire the visual arts but soon became known for excellence in community theatre as well.

Moartz’s first theatre performance, Habeas Corpus, a comedy by Allan Bennett, was performed at the Moe Town Hall in September 2000.

In September 2023, Mr Bailey’s Minder, a dramatic comedy by Debra Oswald, became Moartz’s 31st production, performed at the fully refurbished Monash Hall Yallourn North, which has been their home since 2012.

Comedy has been a consistent part of the Moartz success story as their patrons have made it very clear this is their preference.

Moartz Theatre is affiliated with the Victorian Drama League and Gippsland Associated Theatre, with an impressive and long list of award nominations and winners since their inception. Moartz Visual Arts is affiliated with Open Studios Latrobe.