About Moartz

Moartz was founded in 1999 by a group of arts-minded people who wanted to develop, support and encourage a diverse range of arts and cultural activities within the Moe/Newborough Community.

Mission Statement

To be the catalyst for all manner of arts-related activity in the community.

Founding Principles

​To provide opportunities for skills development of groups and individuals through workshops, demonstrations, artists in residence programs.

​To celebrate the community’s diversity, achievements and aspirations, aiming to provide stimulus through the arts for education, development, optimism and pride for existing and future generations.

To enliven the profile of Moartz and Regional Arts Victoria through the celebration of arts in the community.

To make varies arts disciplines available and accessible to the wider community. To actively promote the involvement and artistic engagement of the regions community (including children and senior citizens) in a diverse range of arts activities. To accomplish ongoing improvements in regional arts imaging and marketing.

​To undertake and promote touring arts exhibitions and performances.

To foster both formal and informal links between individuals and groups involved in creative expression.

To create links with other regional arts groups.


Moartz Inc. sprouted from a group of like-minded artists back in August 1999 wanting to "be the catalyst for all manner of arts related activity in the community".

Fast forward to this year and Moartz is gearing up to celebrate its 25th-year milestone with a bang! Over the past quarter-century its morphed into an arts powerhouse, with an enviable reputation of arts excellence, unmatched hospitality, championing of newcomers, a vast team of dedicated volunteers, and its unwavering commitment to community enrichment.

The name “Moartz” is a fusion of “Moe Arts,” initially conceived as a platform to promote and inspire the visual arts, but quickly blossomed into a haven for community theatre brilliance.

Moartz graced the stage of the Moe Town Hall in September 2000 with their first production the uproarious comedy "Habeas Corpus" by Allan Bennett.

Come September 2023, “Mr. Bailey’s Minder,” a riveting dramatic comedy penned by Debra Oswald, marked Moartz 31st production, captivating audiences at the refurbished Monash Hall Yallourn North—Moartz’s cherished home since 2012.

Comedy has undeniably been a cornerstone of Moartz success, resonating deeply with its loyal patrons who return each year to enjoy the laughter-filled spectacles.

Moartz theatre is affiliated with the Victorian Drama League and Gippsland Associated Theatre, boasting an impressive and long list of award nominations and winners since their inception.

Moartz visual arts wing proudly initiated Open Studios Latrobe, showcasing the wealth of local creative talent and their work in their own studios and spaces, making the arts more accessible to the community.

Our visual artists have exhibited their art at many of the theatre production events over the years, making it a true collaboration and enhanced experience for the patrons.


​Moartz Inc. welcomes any members of the community who have an interest in the arts to become members.

24/25 Moartz Inc. Committee

President: Sharon Anderson
Vice President: Carole Sell
Secretary (Minutes): Steve Bechaz
Treasurer: Dot Teague
Secretary (Membership): Julie Strini
Committee Member: Erin Jessep