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Cast of 25th Anniversary One-Act Play Gala Weekend announced!

Moartz is beyond excited to announce that we have secured an out-and-out superb cast for our 25th Anniversary One-Act Play Gala Weekend in August.

Along with welcoming back many talented favourites from over the years, in true Moartz tradition we also welcome someone brand new* to the mix.

Firstly, “Bombshells” written by Joanna Murray-Smith, directed by Annette O’Shea.

    Annette couldn’t be happier to cast;

  •     Erin Jessep              Tiggy Entwhistle – A cactus lover.
  •     Jasmine O’Shea       Mary O’Donnell – A feisty teenage schoolgirl, competing in a talent quest.
  •     Karina Byrne*          Theresa McTerry –  An increasingly disillusioned bride.
  •     Christine Skicko       Winsome Webster – A widow.

Secondly, “Just Far Enough” by Melinda Chapman, directed by Mike Pullar.

    Mike is so excited to cast;

  •     Amy Moss                Lisa Mitchell – Kind, tactful but untruthful neighbour.
  •     Gene Jarvis              Chris Foster  – Perceptive, honest but spiteful neighbour.
  •     Julie Strini                Mary Foster – Devoted, boisterous and encroaching neighbour.

Moartz will present these one-act plays as the centerpiece to their 25th Anniversary celebrations, along with local artist display, video & photo display, memorabilia, catering and more at;

Monash Hall, Reserve St, Yallourn North

        –   Fri 23rd August @ 7.30pm

        –   Sat 24th August @ 7.30pm

        –   Sun 25th August @ 2pm

We’ve already had some wonderful people who have been associated with Moartz put their hands up to help with production and crew, but we always need many more hands on deck.  It’s a one to two weekend commitment and we’d love to have you join us in whatever capacity you can.

Get in contact anytime here via the website or text Julie/Production Manager on 0412 042 630.